ectonucleotide etymology

English word ectonucleotide comes from English nucleotide, English ecto- (Outside.)

Detailed word origin of ectonucleotide

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nucleotide English (eng) (biochemistry) The monomer constituting DNA or RNA biopolymer molecules. Each nucleotide consists of a nitrogenous heterocyclic base (or nucleobase), which can be either a double-ringed purine or a single-ringed pyrimidine; a five-carbon pentose sugar (deoxyribose in DNA or ribose in RNA); and a phosphate group.
ecto- English (eng) Outside.
ectonucleotide English (eng) (biochemistry) Any nucleotide found outside a cell.

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Descendants of nucleotide
nucleotidase nucleotidic
Descendants of ecto-
ectethmoid ectoblast ectobronchium ectocervical ectocervix ectocornea ectocranial ectoenzyme ectogenesis ectogenous ectokinase ectomesocuneiform ectonucleoside ectoperitrophic ectophosphodiesterase ectophytic ectoplacental ectoplast ectostylid ectosylvian ectosymbiont ectosymbiotic ectotherm ectozoon