ectophosphodiesterase etymology

English word ectophosphodiesterase comes from English ecto- (Outside.), English phosphodiesterase

Detailed word origin of ectophosphodiesterase

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ecto- English (eng) Outside.
phosphodiesterase English (eng) (enzyme) any of a family of enzymes that catalyze the cleavage of phosphodiester links in nucleic acids.
ectophosphodiesterase English (eng) (enzyme) Any phosphodiesterase that is active outside of a cell.

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ectethmoid ectoblast ectobronchium ectocervical ectocervix ectocornea ectocranial ectoenzyme ectogenesis ectogenous ectokinase ectomesocuneiform ectonucleoside ectonucleotide ectoperitrophic ectophytic ectoplacental ectoplast ectostylid ectosylvian ectosymbiont ectosymbiotic ectotherm ectozoon