ectoplast etymology

English word ectoplast comes from English -plast, English ecto- (Outside.)

Detailed word origin of ectoplast

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-plast English (eng) A plastid. A small body, structure, particle, or granule, especially of living matter.
ecto- English (eng) Outside.
ectoplast English (eng) (cytology) The ectoplasmic content of a cell.. (cytology) plasma membrane.

Words with the same origin as ectoplast

Descendants of -plast
alloplast amyloplast arthroplast autoplast axoplast bdelloplast bioplast blepharoplast chloroplast chromoplast cytoplast endoplast iridoplast karyoplast kinetoplast leucoplast mesoplast monoplast osteoplast phragmoplast phycoplast spheroplast tonoplast trophoplast
Descendants of ecto-
ectethmoid ectoblast ectobronchium ectocervical ectocervix ectocornea ectocranial ectoenzyme ectogenesis ectogenous ectokinase ectomesocuneiform ectonucleoside ectonucleotide ectoperitrophic ectophosphodiesterase ectophytic ectoplacental ectostylid ectosylvian ectosymbiont ectosymbiotic ectotherm ectozoon