effective etymology

English word effective comes from Latin facere, Latin e, Latin -ivus (Adjective suffix.)

Detailed word origin of effective

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facere Latin (lat)
e Latin (lat) out of, from The name of the letter E.
-ivus Latin (lat) Adjective suffix.
efficio Latin (lat) (philosophy) I make out, show, prove, deduce.. I cause to occur, bring about, effect.. I make or work out; effect, execute, complete, accomplish, make, form, compose.. I produce, bear, yield.. I yield, bear, amount to, make out.
effectivus Latin (lat) Creative. Productive, effective.
effectif French (fra) Real, actual (sports) lineup (of a team). Number of members of a group.
effective English (eng) (geometry, of a cycle or divisor) Having no negative coefficients.. Actually in effect.. Efficient, serviceable, or operative, available for useful work.. Having the power to produce a required effect or effects.. Producing a decided or decisive effect. (military) A soldier fit for duty.

Words with the same origin as effective

Descendants of facere
affair affect affected defeat defect face facebook faced fact factor factory fair fashion feature perfect perfection profit profitable satisfaction satisfied satisfy scientific terrific testify verify
Descendants of e
Descendants of -ivus
abusive activate active affirmative aggressive attractive captive competitive exclusive explosive extensive fugitive impulsive massive naive native negative objective productive progressive protective radioactive relative sedative