egalitarian etymology

English word egalitarian comes from English -ian, French égalitaire (Egalitarian.)

Detailed word origin of egalitarian

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-ian English (eng) (as a noun) Having a certain profession.. (as a noun) One from, belonging to, relating to, or like.. (as an adjective) From, related to, or like.
égalitaire French (fra) Egalitarian.
egalitarian English (eng) A person who accepts or promotes social equality and equal rights for all people. Characterized by social equality and equal rights for all people.

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Descendants of -ian
Berkhamstedian Flewian Hitchcockian Isidorian Nevadian Seussian Spillanian academician ache amazonian arcadian avian bohunk coelurosaurian comedian mammalian pediatrician politician presbyterian sharifian suffix technician unitarian vulgarian
Descendants of égalitaire