egocentric etymology

English word egocentric comes from English ego, English -centric

Detailed word origin of egocentric

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ego English (eng) (psychology, Freudian) The most central part of the mind, which mediates with one's surroundings.. The self, especially with a sense of self-importance.
-centric English (eng) Having a specified number of centres. Having a specified object at the centre, or as the focus of attention.
egocentric English (eng) A person who is egocentric. Egotistical.. Relating to spatial representations: linked to a reference frame based on one's own location within the environment (as when giving the direction as "right" rather than "north"); opposed to allocentric.. Selfish, self-centered.

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Afrocentrically Americentric Christocentric Danocentric Hibernocentric Scotocentric Swedocentric acrocentric androcentric autocentric ciscentric cybercentric endocentricity excentric heterocentric holocentric idiocentric jovicentric lipocentric matricentric metrocentric nucleocentric omphalocentric somatocentric