eighty etymology

English word eighty comes from English -ty, English eight

Detailed word origin of eighty

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-ty English (eng) Nonproductive suffix indicating single-digit integer multiples of ten.
eight English (eng) (nautical) A light, narrow rowing boat, especially one used in competitive rowing, steered by a cox, in which eight rowers each have two oars.. (playing cards) Any of the four cards in a normal deck with the value eight.. (rowing) The eight people who crew a rowing-boat.. (rowing, especially in plural) A race in which such craft participate.. The digit/figure 8. (cardinal) A numerical value [...]
eighty English (eng) The cardinal number occurring after seventy-nine and before eighty-one, represented in Roman numerals as LXXX and in Arabic numerals as 80.

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Descendants of -ty
fifty forty ninety seventy sixty thirty twenty