electronegative etymology

English word electronegative comes from English negative, English electro-

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negative English (eng) (New Age jargon) (pejorative) bad, unwanted, disagreeable, potentially damaging, to be avoided, unpleasant, difficult, painful; (often precedes 'energy', 'feeling', 'emotion' or 'thought').. (chemistry) metalloidal; nonmetallic; contrasted with positive or basic.. (linguistics, logic) denying a proposition. (mathematics) of number, less than zero. (physics) of electrical charge of an [...]
electro- English (eng) (music) electronic and/or incorporating elements of electro(-funk). Electricity or electrical.
electronegative English (eng) (chemistry) tending to attract electrons to form a chemical bond. Having a negative electric charge.

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Descendants of negative
electronegativity homonegativity nega- negatival negativist negativistic negativity negativization negativize nonnegativity seronegativity
Descendants of electro-
NEMS electroaxonography electrobiology electrocardiogram electrochemical electroconvection electroconvulsive electrocute electrodialyze electroencephalogram electroformed electrolysis electromagnet electromagnetism electroneutrality electronystagmography electrorheology electroshock electrothermy electrotransferred electrotransformation electrowinning electrowon gravitoelectromagnetism