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English word electronically comes from English -ally (Forms adverbs; usually of adjectives ending in -ic.), English electronic

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-ally English (eng) Forms adverbs; usually of adjectives ending in -ic.
electronic English (eng) (physics, chemistry) : Of or pertaining to an electron or electrons.. Generated by an electronic device.. Of or pertaining to the Internet.. Operating on the physical behavior of electrons, especially in semiconductors.
electronically English (eng) By means of electronics, or of electronic technology.

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Descendants of -ally
automatically basically democratically dramatically drastically electrically emphatically enthusiastically erratically frantically heroically ironically magically organically physically realistically romantically sarcastically scientifically specifically strategically systematically telepathically tragically
Descendants of electronic
ELINT bionic cybertronic e- ecyclable ecycle electronification electronify emotronic heatronic rocktronic rovibronic spintronic structronic technetronic topotronic vibronic