electrophoresis etymology

English word electrophoresis comes from English electro-, English -phoresis (Denoting movement of particles by a force.)

Detailed word origin of electrophoresis

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electro- English (eng) (music) electronic and/or incorporating elements of electro(-funk). Electricity or electrical.
-phoresis English (eng) Denoting movement of particles by a force.
electrophoresis English (eng) (analytical chemistry) a method for the separation and analysis of large molecules (such as proteins) by migrating a colloidal solution of them through a gel; gel electrophoresis. (electricity) the migration of electrically charged molecules through a medium under the influence of an electric field.

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Descendants of electro-
NEMS electroaxonography electrobiology electrocardiogram electrochemical electroconvection electroconvulsive electrocute electrodialyze electroencephalogram electroformed electrolysis electromagnet electromagnetism electronegative electroneutrality electronystagmography electrorheology electroshock electrothermy electrotransferred electrotransformation electrowinning electrowon gravitoelectromagnetism
Descendants of -phoresis
autophoresis magnetophoresis photophoresis