elevate etymology

English word elevate comes from Latin e, Latin levo, Latin levare, and later Latin elevo (I alleviate or lessen. I raise or elevate.)

Detailed word origin of elevate

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e Latin (lat) out of, from The name of the letter E.
levo Latin (lat) I make light, lighten. I mitigate, alleviate. I raise, elevate, lift up. I relieve, ease, comfort.
levare Latin (lat)
elevo Latin (lat) I alleviate or lessen. I raise or elevate.
elevare Latin (lat)
elevatus Latin (lat)
elevate English (eng) (dated, colloquial, humorous) To intoxicate in a slight degree; to render tipsy.. (obsolete, Latinism) To lessen; to detract from; to disparage.. (transitive) To ennoble or honour/honor (someone).. (transitive) To increase the intensity of something, especially that of sound.. (transitive) To lift someone's spirits; to cheer up.. (transitive) To promote (someone) to a higher rank.. [...]

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Descendants of e
Fixit SERE avoision ish ruction survival
Descendants of levo
lever relevant relief relieve