embarrass etymology

English word embarrass comes from Spanish embarazar, and later French embarrasser ((transitive) clutter; block (up). (transitive) embarrass.)

Detailed word origin of embarrass

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embarazar Spanish (spa) (reflexive) to become pregnant. (transitive) to impregnate, make pregnant. (transitive) to incommode, annoy.
embarrasser French (fra) (transitive) clutter; block (up). (transitive) embarrass.
embarrass English (eng) (transitive) To hinder from liberty of movement; to impede; to obstruct.. (transitive) To involve in difficulties concerning money matters; to encumber with debt; to beset with urgent claims or demands.. (transitive) to humiliate; to disrupt somebody's composure or comfort with acting publicly or freely; to disconcert; to abash.

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