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English word embolectomy comes from English embolism, English -ectomy ((surgery) Surgical removal of.. Excision of.)

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embolism English (eng) (pathology) An obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus, that is by a blood clot, air bubble or other matter that has been transported by the blood stream.. An intercalated prayer for deliverance from evil coming after the Lord's Prayer.. The insertion or intercalation of days into the calendar in order to correct the error arising from the difference between the civil year and [...]
-ectomy English (eng) (surgery) Surgical removal of.. Excision of.
embolectomy English (eng) (surgery) Surgical removal of an embolism.

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adenectomy adnexectomy appendectomy astragalectomy caudectomy dactylectomy fasciectomy glossectomy hemihepatectomy ileectomy labyrinthectomised lipectomy mastectomy meniscectomy mucosectomy otectomy parathyroidectomy pleurectomy retinectomy sequestrectomy tendonectomy thymectomy thymothymomectomy tonsillectomy