embryoblast etymology

English word embryoblast comes from English -blast (An immature cell or tissue.), English embryo- (Earliest stage of something.. Pertaining to an embryo.)

Detailed word origin of embryoblast

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-blast English (eng) An immature cell or tissue.
embryo- English (eng) Earliest stage of something.. Pertaining to an embryo.
embryoblast English (eng) A mass of cells at the embryonic pole of the blastocyst, that develops to form the embryo.

Words with the same origin as embryoblast

Descendants of -blast
ameloblast ameloblastin ameloblastoma cardioblast cytotrophoblast erythroblast haematoblast haemoblast hematoblast hepatoblastic hypoblastic idioblast leucoblast leukoblast macroblast megakaryoblast megakaryoblastic megaloblast monoblast odontoblast parablast retinoblast sarcoblast trophoblastic
Descendants of embryo-
embryogeny embryophyte