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English word emphatically comes from English -ally (Forms adverbs; usually of adjectives ending in -ic.), English emphatic

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-ally English (eng) Forms adverbs; usually of adjectives ending in -ic.
emphatic English (eng) (linguistics) A word or phrase adding emphasis, such as "a lot" or "really".. (phonology) An emphatic consonant. (grammar) Belonging to a set of English tense forms comprising the auxiliary verb do + an infinitive without to.. (phonology) Belonging to a series of obstruent consonants in several Semitic languages that are distinguished from both voiced and voiceless consonants by a certain [...]
emphatically English (eng) (obsolete) Not really, but apparently.. In an emphatic manner; with emphasis.

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automatically basically democratically dramatically drastically electrically electronically enthusiastically erratically frantically heroically ironically magically organically physically realistically romantically sarcastically scientifically specifically strategically systematically telepathically tragically