endocellulase etymology

English word endocellulase comes from English endo-, English cellulase

Detailed word origin of endocellulase

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endo- English (eng)
cellulase English (eng) (enzyme) An enzyme that catalyze the cellulolysis (or hydrolysis) of cellulose.
endocellulase English (eng) (enzyme) Any cellulase that hydrolyses glycoside links within (rather than at the ends of) cellulose chains.

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endarterial endoaperture endobifunctor endobiliary endocutter endocycle endocyclic endodontia endodormancy endogamous endogen endoglycolysis endolytic endomitosis endoparasitic endophloedal endopolyploidy endosaccular endoscope endoskeletal endoskeleton endosseous endosymbiosis endotoxic endovenous