endocycle etymology

English word endocycle comes from English cycle, English endo-

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cycle English (eng) (electronics) To turn power off and back on. (ice hockey) To maintain a team's possession of the puck in the offensive zone by handling and passing the puck in a loop from the boards near the goal up the side boards and passing to back to the boards near the goal. To go through a cycle or to put through a cycle.. To ride a bicycle or other cycle. (baseball) A single, a double, a triple, and [...]
endo- English (eng)
endocycle English (eng) (biology) A cycle of cell replication involving endoduplication.

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endarterial endoaperture endobifunctor endobiliary endocutter endocyclic endodontia endodormancy endogamous endogen endoglycolysis endolytic endomitosis endoparasitic endophloedal endopolyploidy endosaccular endoscope endoskeletal endoskeleton endosseous endosymbiosis endotoxic endovenous