endomorph etymology

English word endomorph comes from English -morph (Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.), English endoderm

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-morph English (eng) Morpheme. Shape, form, structure.
endoderm English (eng) One of the three tissue layers in the embryo of a metazoan animal. Through development, it will produce the digestive system of the adult.
endomorph English (eng) (bodybuilding) : Theoretical body type with slow metabolism in which weight is gained easily, but fat levels are hard to reduce. Endomorphic bodybuilders tend to be the most massive.. A mineral, especially a crystal, enclosed within another. A person of the endomorphic physical type characterised by big bones, round face, large trunk and thighs and a naturally high degree of body fat, [...]

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Descendants of -morph
allomorphic allotriomorph amorph dimorph ectomorphic endomorphic gynomorph homoeomorphous hypermorph ichthyomorph karyomorph nematomorph neomorph olenimorph perimorph polymorph polymorphic protomorph pseudomorph pseudomorphic rhizomorph trimorph xenomorphous xeromorph