endorhiza etymology

English word endorhiza comes from English en- (As an intensifier. Caused. Covered. In, into, on, onto.)

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en- English (eng) As an intensifier. Caused. Covered. In, into, on, onto.
embryo English (eng) (botany) A rudimentary plant contained in the seed.. An organism in the earlier stages of development before it emerges from the egg, or before metamorphosis.. In humans, usually the cell growth up to the end of the seventh week in the mother's body. In the reproductive cycle, the stage after the fertilization of the egg that precedes the development into a fetus.. In viviparous animals, the [...]
endorhiza English (eng) (botany) Any monocotyledonous plant.

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embarrass embrace empathy employ enable encounter encourage endanger endure energy enforce engage engine enhance enjoy enlighten enquiry ensign ensure entrust envy majority parliament ploy suspend