English word endosiphonal comes from English end- (internal, within, inside, into) and siphon or syphon (a tool that allows liquids to flow through tubes), which itself is derived from Ancient Greek σίφων (pipe, tube).

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σίφων Ancient Greek (grc) pipe, tube
siphon English (eng) related to syphon, a tool that involves the flow of liquids through tubes
end- English (eng) Internal, within, inside, into.
endosiphonal English (eng)

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endocentric endocervicitis endochondral endochrome endoclinal endocytosis endognathal endometrial endometrioma endomitosis endomixis endomorphic endophragm endoplasmic endoscope endoskeleton endosteal endostitis endostyle endosymbiotic endothelioma endothelium myoendothelial periendosteal thrombendarteriectomy