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English word endoskeleton comes from English endo-, English skeleton

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endo- English (eng)
skeleton English (eng) (anatomy) The system that provides support to an organism, internal and made up of bones and cartilage in vertebrates, external in some other animals.. (architecture) A frame that provides support to a building or other construction.. (computing) A client-helper procedure that communicates with a stub.. (figuratively) A very thin person.. (figuratively) The central core of something that [...]
endoskeleton English (eng) (anatomy) The internal skeleton of an animal, which in vertebrates is composed of bone and cartilage.

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endarterial endoaperture endobifunctor endobiliary endocutter endocycle endocyclic endodontia endodormancy endogamous endogen endoglycolysis endolytic endomitosis endoparasitic endophloedal endopolyploidy endosaccular endoscope endoskeletal endosseous endosymbiosis endotoxic endovenous
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exoskeletal musculoskeletal nucleoskeletal skeletal skeletal age skeletal fluorosis skeletal formula skeletal system skeletal-muscle pump skeletogenous skell