enlist etymology

English word enlist comes from English list, English turbo- (Accelerated, more robust, souped-up. Turbine-related.)

Detailed word origin of enlist

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list English (eng) (archaic) Art; craft; cunning; skill. (archaic) To wish, like, desire (to do something).. (archaic, transitive) To be pleasing to. (intransitive, poetic) To listen.. (transitive, poetic) To listen to. (obsolete) Inclination; desire. (architecture) A little square moulding; a fillet or listel.. (carpentry) A narrow strip of wood, especially sapwood, cut from the edge of a plank or board.. [...]
turbo- English (eng) Accelerated, more robust, souped-up. Turbine-related.
enlist English (eng) (intransitive) To join a cause or organization, especially military service.. (transitive) To enter on a list; to enroll; to register.. (transitive) To recruit the aid or membership of others.. To secure, to obtain.

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Descendants of turbo-
turboalternator turbocapitalism turbocharge turbocompressor turbodiesel turbodrill turboelectric turboencabulator turboexpander turbofan turbogenerator turbojet turbolift turboload turboloader turbomachine turbomolecular turboprop turbopump turboramjet turborocket turboshaft turbosupercharger turbotrain