enterotropic etymology

English word enterotropic comes from English -tropic, English entero-

Detailed word origin of enterotropic

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-tropic English (eng) (science) affecting or attracted to the thing specified. (science) turning or changing.
entero- English (eng) (medicine) relating specifically to the small intestine.. (medicine) relating to the intestines.
enterotropic English (eng) Attracted by, or affecting the intestine.

Words with the same origin as enterotropic

Descendants of -tropic
adrenotropic aeolotropic chronotropic ecotropic endosomotropic gravitropic hepatotropic idiotropic immunotropic lactotropic lipotropic lyotropic mucosotropic musculotropically oculotropic orthotropic osteotropic plagiotropic renotropic reticulotropic thixotropic thyrotropic xenotropic æolotropic
Descendants of entero-
enteroanastomosis enterobacteriophage enterobacterium enterocele enterocoele enterocolitis enteroendocrine enteroenteric enterohemorrhagic enterohepatic enteroinsular enterokinetic enterolithiasis enterology enterolysis enteropathogen enteroplasty enterosalivary enteroscopy enterostomy enterostyle enterotype enterourinary enteroviral