entomophilous etymology

English word entomophilous comes from English -philous, English entomo- (Insect.)

Detailed word origin of entomophilous

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-philous English (eng) Having an affinity, attraction, preference or love of something.
entomo- English (eng) Insect.
entomophilous English (eng) Of, pertaining to, or pollinated by means of entomophily.

Words with the same origin as entomophilous

Descendants of -philous
aerophilous ammophilous anemophilous calciphilous chiropterophilous dendrophilous halophilous heliophilous homophilous hydrophilous hygrophilous malacophilous mesophilous myrmecophilous necrophilous ombrophilous ornithophilous petrophilous photophilous phytophilous psammophilous tropophilous xenophilous zoophilous
Descendants of entomo-
entomofauna entomogenous entomography entomoid entomolite entomomancy entomopathogenic entomophagous entomophagy entomophile entomophilic entomophobe entomophobia entomophyte entomotomy