enzymolysis etymology

English word enzymolysis comes from English enzyme, English -lysis (Decomposition or breakdown. Disintegration. Dissolving.)

Detailed word origin of enzymolysis

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enzyme English (eng) (biochemistry) A globular protein that catalyses a biological chemical reaction.
-lysis English (eng) Decomposition or breakdown. Disintegration. Dissolving.
enzymolysis English (eng) (biochemistry) decomposition catalyzed by an enzyme.

Words with the same origin as enzymolysis

Descendants of enzyme
abzyme antizyme bienzymatic chemoenzymatic cryoenzymology ectoenzymatic electroenzymatic enzymatic enzymatically enzymic enzymological enzymology enzymopathy granzyme immunoenzymatic isoenzymatic isoenzymic isozyme lysozyme metalloenzymatic nanozyme nonenzymatic radioenzymatic synzyme
Descendants of -lysis
acantholytic acetolysis acetolytic atmolysis autohydrolysis autoproteolysis biolysis cerumenolysis chemolysis chromatolysis elastinolysis electrolysis endoproteolysis glycohydrolysis heterolytic homolysis hydrolysis karyolysis karyolytic lipolysis neurolysis octanolysis oncolysis onycholysis tenolysis