epigram etymology

English word epigram comes from Ancient Greek γράμμα, Ancient Greek ἐπί, and later Latin epigramma (Epigram. Inscription.)

Detailed word origin of epigram

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
γράμμα Ancient Greek (grc)
ἐπί Ancient Greek (grc)
ἐπίγραμμα Ancient Greek (grc)
epigramma Latin (lat) Epigram. Inscription.
épigramme Middle French (frm)
epigram English (eng) (obsolete) An inscription in stone.. A brief but witty saying.. A short, witty or pithy poem.

Words with the same origin as epigram

Descendants of γράμμα
-gram anagram brogrammer candygram cosmogram diagram engram gram grammar grammarian grammatical grimoire hexagram ideogrammic lettergram logo monogram parallelogram pentagram program programmer radiogram sonogram telegram
Descendants of ἐπί
bishop ephemeral epic epicenter epicentre epidemic epidermal epidermis epidural epiglottis epilepsy epileptic epilogue epinephrine epiphany episcopal episode epistle epitaph epithelial epithet epitome oui pope superintendent