epimer etymology

English word epimer comes from English epi- (Above, over, on, in addition to.), English -mer

Detailed word origin of epimer

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epi- English (eng) Above, over, on, in addition to.
-mer English (eng) (chemistry) Used to form words relating to chemical structure, denoting parts of a molecule, for example, monomer (one part), dimer (two parts), polymer (many parts).
epimer English (eng) (chemistry) any diastereoisomer that has the opposite configuration at only one of the stereogenic centres.

Words with the same origin as epimer

Descendants of epi-
epiaquert epic epicalyx epicormic epicrisis epidural epifaunal epifilm epifocal epigenetic epilayer epilinguistic epimarginal epimorphic epineural epiparasitic epipelagic epiperipheral epiphenomenon epipterygoid epirelief epispore epitonic epitympanic epizoic
Descendants of -mer
anomeric atropisomerism concatemer decameric elastomer enantiomeric hexameric homomer ionomeric isomer isomerase isomerize isomeromorphism kmer metamer octamer octameric oligopolymer peplomer polymer structural isomer tautomerism tetramer tetrameric