episteme etymology

English word episteme comes from Ancient Greek -λογία, Ancient Greek ἐπίσταμαι

Detailed word origin of episteme

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-λογία Ancient Greek (grc)
ἐπίσταμαι Ancient Greek (grc)
ἐπιστήμη Ancient Greek (grc)
episteme English (eng) (philosophy) Scientific knowledge; a principled system of understanding; sometimes contrasted with empiricism.. (specifically Ancient Greek philosophy) know-how; compare techne.. (specifically Foucaultian philosophy) The fundamental body of ideas and collective presuppositions that defines the nature and sets the bounds of what is accepted as true knowledge in a given epistemic epoch.

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Descendants of -λογία
biology biotech cardiology chronology cosmology criminology ecology ecosystem entomology meteorology microbiology morphology parapsychology pathology pharmacology psyche psychologist psychology science stem tech techie techno technology urology