epistocracy etymology

English word epistocracy comes from Ancient Greek ἐπιστήμη, Ancient Greek -κρατία

Detailed word origin of epistocracy

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ἐπιστήμη Ancient Greek (grc)
-κρατία Ancient Greek (grc)
epistocracy English (eng) (countable) A government run by citizens with political knowledge.. (uncountable) Rule by citizens with political knowledge, or a proposed political system which concentrates political power in citizens according to their knowledge of public affairs, whether by distributing votes to citizens by their knowledge of political matters or some other means, as contrasted with democracy, in which [...]

Words with the same origin as epistocracy

Descendants of ἐπιστήμη
episteme epistemic epistemic logic epistemology
Descendants of -κρατία
-cracy ochlocracy ochlocrat ochlocratical ochlocratically