erythrocyturia etymology

English word erythrocyturia comes from English erythrocyte, English -uria

Detailed word origin of erythrocyturia

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erythrocyte English (eng) (hematology, cytology) An anucleate cell in the blood involved with the transport of oxygen. Also called a red blood cell because of the red coloring of hemoglobin.
-uria English (eng) (pathology) Referring to the state or condition of the urine.
erythrocyturia English (eng) The presence of red blood cells in the urine.

Words with the same origin as erythrocyturia

Descendants of erythrocyte
erythrocytapheresis erythrocytic erythrocytometry
Descendants of -uria
amyluria anuria bacilluria candiduria crystalluria cystathioninuria erythruria fructosuria haemoglobinuria histidinuria hydruria hyperaminoaciduria hyperproteinuria hypocitraturia melanuria oligouria paruria peptonuria phosphaturia phosphoruria saccharosuria spermaturia uraturia urobilinuria