erythromyeloid etymology

English word erythromyeloid comes from English erythro-, English myeloid

Detailed word origin of erythromyeloid

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
erythro- English (eng) Used to form scientific terms meaning red, or showing a relationship to red blood cells.
myeloid English (eng) (less commonly used) Of or pertaining to the spinal cord.. Of or pertaining to bone marrow.
erythromyeloid English (eng) Relating to red blood cells in bone marrow.

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Descendants of erythro-
azaerythromycin erythrapheresis erythrismal erythroagglutinin erythroblast erythroblastopenia erythroblastosis erythrodegenerative erythrofuranose erythrogenic erythrogranulose erythroid erythroid aplasia erythroleukemia erythrolytic erythromycin erythrophagocytosis erythropheresis erythrophobia erythrophyll erythropsia erythruria oxoerythromycin proerythroblast