erythrophagocytosis etymology

English word erythrophagocytosis comes from English erythro-, English phagocytosis

Detailed word origin of erythrophagocytosis

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erythro- English (eng) Used to form scientific terms meaning red, or showing a relationship to red blood cells.
phagocytosis English (eng) (immunology, cytology) The process where a cell incorporates a particle by extending pseudopodia and drawing the particle into a vacuole of its cytoplasm.
erythrophagocytosis English (eng) The phagocytosis of erythrocytes.

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azaerythromycin erythrapheresis erythrismal erythroagglutinin erythroblast erythroblastopenia erythroblastosis erythrodegenerative erythrofuranose erythrogenic erythrogranulose erythroid erythroid aplasia erythroleukemia erythrolytic erythromycin erythromyeloid erythropheresis erythrophobia erythrophyll erythropsia erythruria oxoerythromycin proerythroblast
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