eth- etymology

English word eth- comes from German -yl, German Ether ((organic chemistry) ether.), English -yl

Detailed word origin of eth-

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-yl German (deu)
Ether German (deu) (organic chemistry) ether.
-yl English (eng) (organic chemistry) A univalent radical or functional group formed from a given molecule. Thus propyl from propane, benzyl from benzene, and so forth.
Ethyl German (deu) (organic chemistry).
ethyl English (eng) (organic chemistry) The univalent hydrocarbon radical, C2H5, formally derived from ethane by the loss of a hydrogen atom.
eth- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Used as a combining form to denote the presence of 2 carbon atoms in the parent chain when forming names of organic compounds.

Words with the same origin as eth-

Descendants of -yl
chloroethylene cyanoethylation dichloroethane diethylene diiodoethane ethane ethanol ethionic acid ethyl ethylmercury pethidine phosphatidylethanolamine phosphorylethanolamine polyethylene polythene tetrafluoroethylene triethylene
Descendants of -yl
benzyl butane butylfuran dibutyl amine isopropylacetone isopropylamphetamine isopropylcholestane mefenamic meth- methacrylic methane methanol methene methoxyl methyl propidene triisopropyl