ethanolamine etymology

English word ethanolamine comes from English ethanol, English -amine ((organic chemistry) An amine.)

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ethanol English (eng) (organic compound) A simple aliphatic alcohol formally derived from ethane by replacing one hydrogen atom with a hydroxyl group: CH3-CH2-OH.. Specifically, this alcohol as a fuel.
-amine English (eng) (organic chemistry) An amine.
ethanolamine English (eng) (chemistry) a hydroxy-amine, HO.CH2.CH2.NH2, manufactured by the reaction of ethylene oxide with ammonia; it is found naturally in a combined form in cephalin, and has many industrial applications.

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acylethanolamine acylpolyamine antihistamine catecholamine catecholaminergic cholestyramine diamine flustramine glutamine histamine hydramine hydroxylamine indoleamine methamine methylscopolamine monoaminergic monoethanolamine phosphatidylethanolamine polyamine polyamine oxidase rhodamine scopolamine sulforhodamine tetramethylrhodamine trichloramine