ethnoarchaeology etymology

English word ethnoarchaeology comes from English archaeology, English ethno-

Detailed word origin of ethnoarchaeology

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archaeology English (eng) The study of the past by excavation and analysis of its material remains:.
ethno- English (eng) Race; ethnicity (in the sense of classification of human beings).
ethnoarchaeology English (eng) The ethnographic study of peoples for archaeological reasons.

Words with the same origin as ethnoarchaeology

Descendants of archaeology
archaeological archaeologist
Descendants of ethno-
ethnoastronomy ethnobiologist ethnoburb ethnocentric fallacy ethnocracy ethnocultural ethnogenesis ethnogenocide ethnographer ethnohistoric ethnoknowledge ethnology ethnomania ethnomethodology ethnomusic ethnoornithologist ethnophilia ethnophysiology ethnopoetic ethnopoiesis ethnopsychopharmacology ethnoscience ethnosociology ethnoterritory