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English word ethnoknowledge comes from English knowledge, English ethno-

Detailed word origin of ethnoknowledge

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knowledge English (eng) (UK, informal) The deep familiarity with certain routes and places of interest required by taxicab drivers working in London, England.. (archaic, _, or, _, legal) Sexual intimacy or intercourse (now usually in phrase carnal knowledge). [from 15th c.]. (countable) Something that can be known; a branch of learning; a piece of information; a science. [from 16th c.]. (obsolete) Acknowledgement. [...]
ethno- English (eng) Race; ethnicity (in the sense of classification of human beings).
ethnoknowledge English (eng) Traditional folk knowledge.

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Descendants of ethno-
ethnoarchaeology ethnoastronomy ethnobiologist ethnoburb ethnocentric fallacy ethnocracy ethnocultural ethnogenesis ethnogenocide ethnographer ethnohistoric ethnology ethnomania ethnomethodology ethnomusic ethnoornithologist ethnophilia ethnophysiology ethnopoetic ethnopoiesis ethnopsychopharmacology ethnoscience ethnosociology ethnoterritory