ethnoterritory etymology

English word ethnoterritory comes from English territory, English ethno-

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territory English (eng) (Canada) One of three of Canada's federated entities, located in the country's Arctic, with fewer powers than a province and created by an act of Parliament rather than by the Constitution: Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.. (ecology) An area that an animal of a particular species consistently defends against its conspecifics.. (sports, and, games) The part of the playing field or [...]
ethno- English (eng) Race; ethnicity (in the sense of classification of human beings).
ethnoterritory English (eng) The territory of a particular ethnic group.

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Descendants of territory
Territorian territoried
Descendants of ethno-
ethnoarchaeology ethnoastronomy ethnobiologist ethnoburb ethnocentric fallacy ethnocracy ethnocultural ethnogenesis ethnogenocide ethnographer ethnohistoric ethnoknowledge ethnology ethnomania ethnomethodology ethnomusic ethnoornithologist ethnophilia ethnophysiology ethnopoetic ethnopoiesis ethnopsychopharmacology ethnoscience ethnosociology