euvolemia etymology

English word euvolemia comes from English volume, English -aemia, English eu- (Good, well. True, genuine.)

Detailed word origin of euvolemia

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volume English (eng) (computing) An accessible storage area with a single file system, typically resident on a single partition of a hard disk.. (economics) The total supply of money in circulation or, less frequently, total amount of credit extended, within a specified national market or worldwide.. A bound book.. A single book of a publication issued in multi-book format, such as an encyclopedia.. A unit of [...]
-aemia English (eng) (British spelling) Blood.. (British spelling, medicine) Referring to the state or condition of the blood.
eu- English (eng) Good, well. True, genuine.
euvolemia English (eng) The presence of a normal amount of blood.

Words with the same origin as euvolemia

Descendants of volume
Local Volume normovolemia volumic volumist volumize volumometer
Descendants of -aemia
acidaemia alcoholaemia bilirubinaemia carbonæmia chloridaemia gametocytaemia hypalbuminemia hyperindicanaemia hyperlipidaemia hyperlipoidaemia hyperlipoproteinaemia hyperphosphataemia hyperprolactinaemia hypertriglyceridaemia hypochloridaemia hypocholesterolaemia hypolipidaemia hypouricaemia insulinaemia ketonaemia lacticaemia lithaemia spanaemia tyrosinaemia
Descendants of eu-
eubacterium eucapnia eucatastrophe eucatastrophically eucynodont eugeosyncline euhedral eumelanin eumenorrheic euonym euparathyroid euparathyroidism eupathy euphonic euphonious euphony euphotic euplasia eupnea eusociality euterrestrial eutheism euthyroid eutonic