ever etymology

English word ever comes from Proto-Indo-European *perkʷ-, Old English feore, Old English ǣfre, and later Proto-Germanic *ferhwō (Body, life.)

Detailed word origin of ever

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*perkʷ- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
feore Old English (ang)
ǣfre Old English (ang)
*ferhwō Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Body, life.
feorh Old English (ang) Life, principles of life, soul, spirit. Living being, person.
æfre Old English (ang) Ever.
evere Middle English (enm)
ever English (eng) (informal) As intensifier following an interrogative word.. Always.. At any time.. In any way. (dialectal, and, informal) (epidemiology) Occurring at any time, occurring even but once during a timespan.

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Descendants of *perkʷ-
everlasting every everybody everyday everything everywhere farm farmer farmhouse farming fear fearful fearless fearsome firm wherever whichever whoever whomever
Descendants of feore