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English word everlasting comes from English ever, English lasting

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ever English (eng) (epidemiology) Occurring at any time, occurring even but once during a timespan. (informal) As intensifier following an interrogative word.. Always.. At any time.. In any way. (dialectal, and, informal).
lasting English (eng) Persisting for an extended period of time. A durable woollen material formerly used for women's shoes; everlasting.. The act or process of shaping on a last.. Continuance; endurance.
everlasting English (eng) (colloquial) Extremely. (historical) A durable cloth fabric for shoes, etc.. An everlasting flower. (philosophy) Existing with infinite temporal duration (as opposed to existence outside of time).. Continuing indefinitely, or during a long period; perpetual; sometimes used, colloquially, as a strong intensive.. Lasting or enduring forever; existing or continuing without end.

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