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English word everything comes from English every, English thing

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every English (eng) All of a countable group, without exception.. Used with ordinal numbers to denote those items whose position is divisible by the corresponding cardinal number, or a portion of equal size to that set.
thing English (eng) (rare) To express as a thing; to reify. (chiefly, historical) A public assembly or judicial council in a Germanic country.. (in the plural) Clothes, possessions or equipment.. (informal) A problem, dilemma, or complicating factor.. (informal) A unit or container, usually containing edible goods.. (informal) Something that is existent or generally recognised.. (informal) That which is [...]
everything English (eng) (colloquial) A state of well-being (from all parts of the whole).. (colloquial) Many or most things.. (colloquial) The most important thing.. (literally) All the things under discussion.

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tertium quid thang thizz