exopassive etymology

English word exopassive comes from English passive, English exo- (Outside, external.)

Detailed word origin of exopassive

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passive English (eng) (countable, grammar) A form of a verb that is in the passive voice.. (uncountable, grammar) The passive voice of verbs. (aviation) Without motive power.. (finance) Not participating in management.. (grammar) Being in the passive voice.. (psychology) Being inactive and submissive in a relationship, especially in a sexual one.. Being subjected to an action without producing a reaction.. Taking [...]
exo- English (eng) Outside, external.
exopassive English (eng) (grammar, rare) A verb with passive form, indicating the state of or action toward the subject of the passive voice construction. (grammar, rare) Being or relating to the passive voice of certain verbs.. (of nouns) Derived from a transitive verb, indicating the object affected.. (of verbs) Affecting the subject of the passive voice construction.. (physics, rare) Allowing exoelectron emission.

Words with the same origin as exopassive

Descendants of passive
nonpassivity passifan passival passivation passivisable passivise passivistically passivity passivizable passivize
Descendants of exo-
exoatmosphere exoatmospheric exocarp exoconsciousness exocortex exocranial exocytotoxic exoderm exoenthalpic exoface exogalactic exogen exoglucanase exopolymeric exoproduct exoproteolytic exoribonuclease exoskeleton exospore exothecal exothermic exotransferase exotrojan exotrophic