exospore etymology

English word exospore comes from English exo- (Outside, external.), English spore

Detailed word origin of exospore

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exo- English (eng) Outside, external.
spore English (eng) To produce spores. A reproductive particle, usually a single cell, released by a fungus, alga, or plant that may germinate into another.. A thick resistant particle produced by a bacterium or protist to survive in harsh or unfavorable conditions.
exospore English (eng) The outer layer of a spore, especially in some algae and fungi.

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Descendants of exo-
exoatmosphere exoatmospheric exocarp exoconsciousness exocortex exocranial exocytotoxic exoderm exoenthalpic exoface exogalactic exogen exoglucanase exopassive exopolymeric exoproduct exoproteolytic exoribonuclease exoskeleton exothecal exothermic exotransferase exotrojan exotrophic
Descendants of spore
isosporic megasporic oosporic perisporium polysporic sporal sporicide sporiferous sporification sporogenesis sporous sporule