exprest etymology

English word exprest comes from English -t, English express

Detailed word origin of exprest

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-t English (eng) An excrescent ending appended to words suffixed with -s. (no longer productive) Forms the past tense and/or past participle of some verbs (leapt, kept, dreamt, etc).
express English (eng) (comparable) Specific or precise; directly and distinctly stated; not merely implied.. (not comparable) Moving or operating quickly, as a train not making local stops.. (retail) Providing a more limited but presumably faster service than a full or complete dealer of the same kind or type.. Truly depicted; exactly resembling. (biochemistry) To transcribe deoxyribonucleic acid into messenger [...]
exprest English (eng) (obsolete).

Words with the same origin as exprest

Descendants of -t
against amidst amongst burnt learnt midst whilst
Descendants of express
FedEx Nitro Express reëxpressed