extensive etymology

English word extensive comes from Latin tendo, Latin intendo

Detailed word origin of extensive

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tendo Latin (lat) I pitch (a tent).. I proceed.. I stretch, stretch out, distend, extend.. I strive for; I reach for.
intendo Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) I obey (+ dative). (New Latin) I understand. I aim, turn, direct.. I intend to. I stretch out, stretch, strain.. I turn my attention to, focus (on).
întinde Romanian (ron) (reflexive) to stretch oneself; also, to lie down. To spread out, lengthen out, stretch out, widen. To stretch, lengthen.
extendere Latin (lat)
extensus Latin (lat)
extensīvus Late Latin (LL)
extensive English (eng) (physics) Having a combined system entropy that equals the sum of the entropies of the independent systems.. Serving to extend or lengthen.. Widespread; covering an extent.

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Descendants of tendo
attend attendance attention attentive bartender content extend extension extent intend intense intensity intensive intention intentional pretend pretentious tend tender tense tension tent tenure