fabulous etymology

English word fabulous comes from Latin fabula, Latin -osus, and later Latin fabulosus (Fabled, fabulous (celebrated in fable), legendary.)

Detailed word origin of fabulous

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fabula Latin (lat) A fable, tale, story. A poem, play. Concern, matter. Discourse, narrative. Romance.
-osus Latin (lat) -ose, -ous; full of, prone to. Used to form adjectives from nouns.
fabulosus Latin (lat) Fabled, fabulous (celebrated in fable), legendary.
fabuleux French (fra) Fabled. Fabulous.
fabulous English (eng) (obsolete) Known for telling fables or falsehoods; unreliable.. (slang) Camp, effeminate.. (slang) Fashionable, glamorous. (slang) Very good; outstanding, wonderful.. (slang, or, euphemism) Gay or pertaining to gay people.. Characteristic of fables; marvelous, extraordinary, incredible.. Fictional or not believable; made up.. Of or relating to fable, myth or legend.

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cop copper copy courageous cup cupcake curiosity curious delicious envious flashing furious glorious gracious jealous jelly luxurious monstrous nervous ominous precious superstitious vicious virtuous