face etymology

English word face comes from Latin faciendus, and later Latin *facia ((Vulgar Latin) appearance; countenance; face.)

Detailed word origin of face

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faciendus Latin (lat)
facies Latin (lat) (figuratively) external form, look, condition, appearance. (figuratively) sight aspect. Face, countenance, visage. Shape, figure.
*facia Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
*facia Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) appearance; countenance; face.
face Old French (fro) (anatomy) face.
face Anglo-Norman (xno)
face Middle English (enm) (anatomy) face.
face English (eng) (anatomy) The front part of the head, featuring the eyes, nose, and mouth and the surrounding area.. (cards) The side of the card that shows its value (as opposed to the back side, which looks the same on all cards of the deck).. (computing) An interface.. (cricket) The front surface of a bat.. (figurative) Presence; sight; front.. (geometry) Any of the flat bounding surfaces of a [...]