fedora etymology

English word fedora comes from Ancient Greek θεός, Ancient Greek δῶρον

Detailed word origin of fedora

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θεός Ancient Greek (grc)
δῶρον Ancient Greek (grc)
Θεόδωρος Ancient Greek (grc)
Фёдор Russian (rus) (telephony) Foxtrot (F in the ICAO spelling alphabet). A male given name.
Федо́ра Russian (rus)
fedora English (eng) A felt hat with a fairly low, creased crown with a brim that can be turned up or down.

Words with the same origin as fedora

Descendants of θεός
Kimothy Theodore Thucydides Timothy antitheist atheous autotheistic doll dolldom dollface dollhood dollhouse duotheistic enthusiasm fuckdoll pantheologist pantheon peeler surname theanthropos theology theosophic theosophist theurgy
Descendants of δῶρον
Dorothy Fedor Fervidor Fructidor Fructidorian Fyodor Messidor Thermidorian action doll doll up dollish dollkind dollmaker dollmaking doromania heliodor iDollator