femalish etymology

English word femalish comes from English female, English -ish

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female English (eng) (botany) A plant which produces only that kind of reproductive organ capable of developing into fruit after impregnation or fertilization; a pistillate plant.. (sometimes, _, offensive, see usage notes) A human member of the feminine sex or gender.. An animal of the sex that produces eggs.. One of the female (feminine) sex or gender. (figuratively) Having an internal socket, as in a [...]
-ish English (eng) (appended to adjectives) Somewhat.. (appended to many kinds of words) Typical or similar to.. (appended to numbers, especially times and ages) About, approximately.. (appended to roots denoting names of nations or regions) Of a nationality, place, language or similar association with something.
femalish English (eng) Somewhat female or feminine.

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Descendants of female
CFNM clothe femalize femanon fembot femcee femdom femfan femfen femismo femocrat
Descendants of -ish
amateurish boorish boyish childish devilish feverish fiendish foolish freakish freakishly girlish harish hellish ish peckish prudish reddish selfish sluggish snobbish sore sorely squeamish stylish ticklish