ferrite etymology

English word ferrite comes from Proto-Celtic *wēros (Crooked.), Spanish diphthong

Detailed word origin of ferrite

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*wēros Proto-Celtic (cel-pro) Crooked.
diphthong Spanish (spa)
viria Latin (lat) Sort of bracelet worn by men.
viriola Latin (lat)
virole Old French (fro)
ferrum Latin (lat) Any tool made of iron. Iron. Sword.
ferrite English (eng) (inorganic compound) The anion FeO22-, and any of the salts (formally derived from the unknown ferrous acid) derived from it.. Any of a class of metal oxides which show ferrimagnetism; used in transformers, inductors, antennas, recording heads, microwave devices, motors and loudspeakers.. The interstitial solid solution of carbon in body-centered cubic iron.

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